Google Storage for Gmail, Google Drive and Photos

Google provides free 15GB storage for free. This free storage is used by Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.

If the total size of your emails and email attachments in Gmail, Google drive files and photos from Google photos app is 15 GB, you will not be able store any more of these files on Google storage.

To store additional files, you need to either free up space by deleting unwanted files or buy additional storage space.

Free up Google Storage

To free up Google storage space, you need to use Storage manager. Storage manager displays discarded items which contain deleted emails, spam emails and deleted files. You can review these items and delete unwanted files. Storage manager lists large files in emails, on drive and photos which you can review and delete if not needed to increase the free storage space.

google storage manager free-up storage

Buy Google Storage

If free storage is full and you can’t free up the space, you can buy storage at Google One. On Google one you can view storage details such as available storage space and storage used by gmail, drive and photos.


To view available storage plans and buy storage, you need to click Plans tab. You can add up to 5 family member accounts to the storage plan. With the storage plan, you can get support from Google and get special access to photo editing features on Android.