Spring Boot MongoDB Database Example

In this tutorial, let’s see how to develop web application with MongoDB as database using spring boot by creating expense tracker web application which allows user to add, delete and view expenses. Expenses data is stored in MongoDB.

Online MongoDB Database for Application Testing

If you are planning to develop applications with mongoDB as database and you don’t want to install MongoDB database on your machine, then you can use MongoDB database on cloud for testing your applications.

Spring Boot Logging

Spring boot makes log configuration easy as it provides default configuration for logging and allows you to use JDK Logging, Log4J2 or Logback log implementations. By default spring boot uses Logback.

Spring Boot Example

Spring Boot automates the routine work that developers do while starting a project or during the development of applications.

Spring Boot Starters

Spring Boot starters are dependency descriptors which can be used in your project. Spring Boot starters make the task of defining all dependencies for your project simple.

Serving Google Cloud Storage Content through Custom Domain over SSL

You may be using cloud storage for serving either dynamic and static content of your website or only static content such as images, videos, etc. In both cases, serving content from GCS over https is very important to secure your website.

Http to Https Migration AppEngine

This tutorial explains required steps for transitioning your website deployed on Appengine from http to https. Https is required not just for search engine or SEO perspective, but it is mainly required to secure your website and users data.